Congratulations!You Found The Best Side Hustle/Part-Time Job

You can see this article, which means that you are just like us, people who are unwilling to be mediocre. We all hope to use our limited time to generate more income, and even have our own business. You are in luck, Horoscope Crystal just happen to have what you need. And you are exactly who we are looking for.

Join us, and you own an online shopping mall for retailing crystal products. And you don’t need to invest a penny, you don’t need to stock up, you don’t need to be a customer service, and you don’t need to deliver goods. Your job is very simple, that is, to share product links to attract others to buy, and you can get 30% commission income. You can also share a link to your affiliate program page to recruit more people to become your downline and make them work for you. Every time you recruit a downline, you can get a reward of about 300 USD. After that, every time the downline gets a commission, you can get 20% of his commission. In other words, when you have enough downlines, even if you don’t have to work or share links, you can get a high income.

Member Stories

Since the launch of Horoscope Crystal Affiliate Program in 2018, we have had 5,932 members from 49 countries around the world. The following is the story of two of the ordinary members.

Aumann Dia is from the United States and joined our Affiliate Program in 2020.

I’m Aumann, a mother of two from Arizona, USA. I don’t have a job and my husband is an Uber driver. Three years ago, it was the time when the Covid-19 broke out. By chance, I learned about this Affiliate Program from a link shared by a friend. In addition, I am usually very interested in crystal jewelry, so I joined this Affiliate Program.

For the next three years, I shared product links through social networks. At the same time, I took the initiative to recruit many downlines who are also interested in crystal jewelry and alliance projects through the Facebook group. Now, there are 159 first-level downlines. Even if I don’t do anything now, I can earn more than 200,000 US dollars every year.

Many thanks to the Horoscope Crystal Affiliate Program.

Aumann Dia

Mir Cina is from Australia and has just joined our Affiliate Program for less than 3 months.

I’m Mir Cina from Melbourne, Australia. I am a salesperson and I am 21 years old. I found out about this affiliate program on a colleague’s Facebook page last Christmas. Since I didn’t have any input, and I also like to wear crystal jewelry, I joined this affiliate program without any hesitation and became a partner.

So far, I have earned more than $20,000 in commissions. My main method of promotion is to obtain the email addresses of members who are interested in crystals and part-time jobs through Facebook groups. Then promote via email.

I hope to be able to earn millions of dollars a year within 5 years.

Mir Cina

Affiliate Program Introduction

Next, let’s introduce our Affiliate Program in detail. The features of our project are: 0 investment, simple operation, high income, shopping discounts, passive income.

1. 0 investment

You don’t need to invest a single cent to join our Affiliate Program. But we will charge a deposit. However, these deposits are refundable at any time. Specific deposit refund rules follow Affiliate Program Deposit.

2. Simple operation

You just need to share the link through social media, email, or other channels to promote. Everything else is taken care of by us.

3. high income

Up to 30% commission income. Higher than any affiliate program you’ll come across. According to our statistics, about 60% of new members earn their first $10,000 commission within a month.

4. shopping discount

Affiliate members can also get a 30% commission by clicking on their own affiliate links to make purchases. It’s equivalent to a 30% discount on every purchase.

5. passive income

Our project has the design of MLM system. Enter our website through the link you share, and become our affiliate after paying a deposit. You get 30% of deposit immediately. If he applies to become a Partner, then you can get a commission of about $60. In addition, you can get part of the commission income obtained by the member, his downline and downline. In other words, your downline works for you. The more referrals you have, the more passive income you will earn. Learn more about Affiliate Program MLM.

Affiliate Program Ranks

Our project has three ranks: Agent, Senior Agent, and Partner.

AgentSenior AgentPartner
Rank Amount10%20%30%
MLM Level 10020%
MLM Level 20010%
MLM Level 3005%
Achievement$499 (Total Amount)$1999 (Total Amount)
Deposit (Refundable)
Affiliate Program Deposit

Join Affiliate Program Guide

1. Click the Register button to register an affiliate account.

2.Pay the deposit. Learn more about the Affiliate Program Deposit.(If you are an agent, please skip to step 3)

3.After completing the deposit payment, we will open the Affiliate Program Permission for you within 24 hours. If it is still not activated after 24 hours, please send an email to for support. Please include the ORDER NUMBER and Affiliate Email Address in the email.

4.Click the Login button to log in to the Affiliate Account Management Console.

5.Open the product and blog post you want to promote, then click Copy Referrer Links in the upper left corner.

6.Share promotional links on social networks.

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