How To Attract Luck In Love? These 6 Crystals Can Help You!

The ups and downs of the year have come to an end, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day filled with happiness, if there is someone who can share the mood and live together, the mood will be warmer and warmer. Instead of looking for him thousands of times in the dream but waiting for the ideal person to appear, you might as well use the power of the crystal to change the magnetic field, so that the whole person has pink bubbles, attracting good popularity and peach blossoms, and ending the single before the end of this year. Then follow Telent to know 6 kinds of peach blossom crystals that can improve interpersonal relationship and bring good popularity!

1. Moonstone

Moonstone, also known as moonstone, has a moonlight-like brightness in the middle with a slight blue iridescence under the transparent appearance, so it is named and commonly known as blue moonlight. Moonstone corresponds to the heart chakra of the human body, which can stabilize the mood of the wearer and appease the emotions of the anxious. Let negative energy and bad emotions not affect the people around you. A stable temperament will give people the impression of being easy to get along with, get closer to the people around them, and gradually bring good popularity.

Legend has it that moonstone is a gift from the moon goddess to mankind. Wearing moonstone on the full moon can meet your ideal lover. This romantic legend also gave Moonstone the title of “Lover’s Stone”.

The beautiful moonstone can attract the opposite sex for singles, and it is often used as a love token or exchange token by couples. For those who just broke up and want to save their other half, they can also wear moonstones to repair their relationship and make love smooth and smooth.

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2. Rose Quartz

Pink quartz is also known as hibiscus quartz or rose quartz. The rose quartz color is deeply loved by women, so rose quartz is a common and popular entry-level item. Rose Quartz corresponds to the heart chakra, governs the energy of “love”, and can relieve the wearer’s irritability and tension, making the personality more docile. Helps attract good popularity and peach blossoms.

Legend has it that powder crystal was given by the god of love. At that time, the rose quartz bracelet that the prince was given by the God of Love had a love prophecy written on it. And exudes a charming pink light. It fascinated and attracted even the most beautiful woman in the world at that time. In the end, he married the prince and lived a happy life. Therefore, pink crystal has the title of “the stone of love”.

Rose quartz can stabilize the wearer’s emotions, improve interpersonal relationships, attract good popularity and enhance the relationship with the opposite sex. In addition, many businessmen also like to wear or place pink crystals to strengthen business relationships and attract positive wealth. Therefore, whether you want to pray for a good marriage, improve interpersonal relationships or businessmen are very suitable for wearing rose quartz.

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3. Strawberry Crystal

Strawberry crystals are named for their raspberry-red color and the natural sediment in the transparent crystals, which look like strawberries. Strawberry crystals correspond to the heart chakra, which helps to improve love fortune and interpersonal relationships. And bring clarity of thought and peace of mind. Strengthen the wearer’s personal charm and ability to feel love and beauty. Improve your popularity and get a good marriage.

Strawberry crystals have powerful energy, which can help us think positively and make people more confident and positive. Friends around you can also be affected by positive energy. Bring more love energy into the life around you. At the same time, the feeling it brings is gentle, full of support and love. Help us attract the love and married life we desire.

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4. Labradorite

Labradorite is composed of many minerals. Depending on the angle of the light, there will be a halo effect of red, orange, blue, green and other color changes. Therefore, it is also called spectral stone. The soft halo is mesmerizing. Labradorite connects the crown chakra. It can purify the aura, eliminate negative energy, enhance will and concentration, and awaken intuition and consciousness. Through the energy of labradorite, it can help enhance the wearer’s motivation to find joy and enthusiasm in life, and generate positive energy to connect with his inner spirit.

Labradorite is also a healing crystal. When the emotional relationship changes, labradorite will guide the wearer to remain firm and rational, tolerate with an open mind, observe the truth around, and eliminate fear and anxiety. Allow the wearer to calmly face changes and challenges in a more positive and gentle way in this relationship, and strengthen confidence and belief. Feel more joy and happiness.

The energy of labradorite is warm and powerful. Able to bring out the best in the wearer and soften the negative in the wearer. Open the door to inner awareness and get closer to your true self. And then attract the other half who is compatible with your soul, and find your real soul mate. Whether you are single or have a partner, you can wear labradorite to make your relationship more stable.

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5. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the few gemstones with a purple color because it contains high-purity silicon dioxide and minerals such as iron, manganese, and copper to form a purple color. Amethyst is the healing stone of the top wheel, which balances the energy of the top wheel, helps the brain to think, wisdom and enlightenment, and allows the light of wisdom to show. Amethyst is simultaneously a meditative and calming natural stone. Works on emotional, mental and physical levels, helping the wearer to think calmly and bring clarity to their thoughts.

Amethyst can help the wearer to show their true self and not be easily influenced by the opinions of others. We can only feel true happiness and fulfillment when we are honest with ourselves. Amethyst can clarify the mind, see the needs and desires inherent in the relationship, and release the fear and worry about the relationship. Therefore, wearing amethyst can use the power of crystal to strengthen the wisdom of thinking and distinguishing relationships, and attract better emotional relationships.

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6. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is also known as rhodochrosite and Inca rose. It has a beautiful pink color. Developed in veins associated with manganese, copper, silver and lead deposits. The oldest mine is in the Andes Mountains of Argentina. The Rhodochrosite produced is called Inca Rose. It is very rare in color, with obvious white lines, complete and smooth texture (lower hardness)!

According to foreign cultural history records, rhodochrosite was regarded as a holy stone in the Inca civilization, and the representative galaxy was Mars. Rhodochrosite corresponds to the heart chakra, and can effectively adjust the operation of lymph glands. It is considered to be an anti-cancer stone in foreign countries, which can effectively relieve the pain of cancer.

It represents positive and mature love in love. The gorgeous pink really makes people so positive! Lovelorn friends are also particularly suitable for rhodochrosite as a healing stone. Its mature symbol can help you see your blindness and persistence in your relationship, and give you the courage to love again!

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