How To Improve Your Career Luck? These 5 Crystals Can Help You!

We all know that different crystals have different effects. Different crystals can bring us different feng shui and help in fortune. For example, pink crystal can promote our marriage and peach blossom luck. Citrine can promote our wealth and so on. So which crystals can prosper your career? Let’s take a look!

1. Gold Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz, especially gold rutilated quartz. It can greatly enhance your authority and momentum, commonly known as domineering. This will improve your self-confidence, decisiveness and leadership skills. Therefore, gold rutilated quartz is also called leader stone. Since promotion generally values leadership ability the most, gold rutilated quartz are very helpful for promotion and the ability to control subordinates. Gold rutilated quartz is especially suitable for weak people in the workplace, and can help you improve your aura. Don’t have to be determined by others for a long time, and make a difference.

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2. Green Phantom Crystal

Green Ghost, also known as green phantom crystal, also known as “Ghost God of Wealth”, is a crystal containing green volcanic marl and other substances inside, which is a vision crystal. Green is the color of life and luck in the universe, and represents achievement in Tantra. Including achieving all good luck, good opportunities, good contacts, noble luck and so on. Green crystals can supplement the energy of the five elements of wood, and the green ghost is the best among them, which can strengthen personal career and wealth. After being blessed with the “wood charm” of the energy of five elements of wood, its energy can be completely introduced into the wearer’s biological field, resulting in excellent effect.

The green light of the green ghost can also balance the heart chakra among the three chakras and seven chakras. Affects the heart, lungs, immune system, thymus, and lymph glands of the human body. It helps to strengthen the heart, be optimistic, focus on people’s merits, be friendly, and be sociable. Therefore, the green ghost is very suitable for those who are struggling for their careers, and is very popular among entrepreneurs.

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3. Green Rutilated Quartz

Green Rutilated Quartz is a special career lucky crystal, which has been recognized by many people in the market. For example, in the business field, you need to be generous, enthusiastic and cheerful, able to communicate with partners and customers.

If you are a bad-spoken person and start a business, how can you achieve good entrepreneurial results. Wearing green rutilated quartz is different. It can make a timid person accept himself slowly, and make a weak person have a stronger side. These qualities are crucial to any entrepreneur.

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4. Citrine

In people’s minds, Citrine is the crystal of fortune. It is mainly helpful to our fortune. But in fact, the effect of Citrine is far more than that. In addition to the role of citrine, Citrine can also improve us It can help us increase our fortune and good luck in the workplace. So for those who want to improve their career fortune, Citrine is a good choice.

Since Citrine can mainly improve our positive wealth, we can improve our wealth and career fortune by wearing Citrine bracelets or placing citrine ornaments. And Citrine can help us raise our salary!

In addition, when choosing citrine bracelets or ornaments, you should pay attention. It is not that the more transparent the crystal, the better. On the contrary, there are some tiny impurities inside the crystal, but the crystal that has no effect is the best.

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5. Pietersite Stone

Pietersite stone is a special kind of spar. It has a very good effect of attracting wealth and gathering energy, and it can also improve people’s inner immaturity. Then when your heart matures. To face the relevant problems existing in their own work. You can have a strong grasp. Be able to make your own comparison and analysis accordingly. Able to advance your career.

Now more and more entrepreneurs will pay attention to Pietersite Stone when choosing crystals. Then you can choose it if you need it.

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