How To Attract Wealth? These 6 Crystals Can Help You!

There are two main types of wealth luck, positive wealth luck and windfall wealth luck. Therefore, there are three kinds of crystals for wealth luck: main wealth, partial wealth and both functions.

1. Positive Wealth Crystal: Green Phantom Crystal

Green Phantom is a symbol of the Lord’s wealth, but because it is also a kind of career crystal, it is more suitable for people who work more and get more. Ordinary people may be too busy after wearing it, which may not be what you expect.

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2. Windfall Crystal: Citrine, Amethyst, Ametrine

Citrine, Amethyst – can be called the crystal combination of stock and real estate investment profit. People who are engaged in or interested in this area wear Amethyst, Citrine, and Gold Rutilated Quartz in their left hands, and they will gain wealth.

Ametrine has dual crystal functions. In addition to attracting wealth, it can also make investors think clearly, think flexibly, enhance insight and investment inspiration, eliminate stress, and balance thoughts.

Citrine can enhance your windfall luck, and enhance self-confidence and courage.

The crystal cave is a much-loved crystal decoration, and the Amethyst cave is also a kind of feng shui ore that is highly effective in attracting wealth. It is a crystal combination with excellent effect when placed on the wealth position of the home, and then put a citrine ball inside.

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3. Both Positive And Windfall Wealth: Gold Rutilated Quartz, Super Seven

Gold Rutilated Quartz help attract and accumulate wealth, and can also strengthen judgment, dispel confusion and anxiety, and help you make the right decision. Gold Rutilated Quartz is also a stone of authority, which can help you improve your persuasion and leadership skills. It can also make you more handy in your career and advance step by step.
Gold Rutilated Quartz bracelets are very popular these days, but using the rough stone as a crystal centerpiece can also bring wealth to a home.

Super Seven is powerful, can help you improve your overall luck, and have a wide range of effects. It can bring you a smooth career, remove obstacles, and even bring you unexpected gains in wealth! Its powerful effect has also made it a new favorite in the crystal industry in recent years, and its popularity has soared, and high-quality Super Seven can be very sought-after.

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